Ghana Cyber City Products and Services

Products and Services Overview

Workspace Rental

GCC would lease offices (intelligent workspace) to clients on a minimum one-year contract leases.
Target firms include:

  • Tech/telecom companies.
  • Startup and business process outsourcing (BPO)-specialized businesses.
  • Companies, e.g. Bitpesa, Mpesa, etc, powered by new disruptive innovations.
  • Financial services companies—banks, venture capital firms, insurance ventures.

Data Center

Management will partner with a data center developer to provide an integrated data center infrastructure management, active energy, cabling and customized data center solutions. The GCC data center would centralize clients’ information technology operations and equipment, for storage, management, networking and dissemination of data. The target market would be companies from primarily Europe, Africa and Asia opting to back-up their sensitive data at secured locations. The GCC data center services include the following:

  • Colocation facility operation.
  • Information technology infrastructure management.
  • Cloud computing and hybrid cloud models.
  • Network services.         

Data Center - Colocation Design

Engineering & Broadband

The Engineering business unit would provide network engineering, integrated communication and technical support services, hardware and software installation and management to primarily small, medium enterprises.

Broadband Service: Reselling telecom broadband packages.

Condominium and Hi Tech Mall

Apartments options (two-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom) for knowledge workers and executives would include short-term (monthly) or long-term (1 year plus) stay. A commercial center designed for technology retail would host firms that sell the following:

  • Networking and Cables: Routers, adapters, switches, modems, computer cables, wireless networking devices.
  • Software for Businesses: Operating systems, recovery and back software, anti-virus and security software, financial applications, computer-aided design (CAD) software, etc.
  • Data Storage and Media: Portable flash drives, smart phones, tablets and electronic communication devices.
  • Desktop PCs and laptop, printers, scanners and faxes.
Startup Incubation and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Management will create a marketplace for BPO transactions between service providers and clients. Independent of the outsourcing unit, GCC would establish an innovation center—a hub comprising a businesslab, designed to promote technology entrepreneurship and develop startup ventures. The hub will be a collaboration of MIT Global Startup Labs and Ghana Cyber City.

The businesslab, an incubation and training center with a modern technology and business laboratory, will host an incubation initiative for a group of 30 young entrepreneurs on a yearly basis.

Applicants will be selected from a pool of more than 100 smart entrepreneurs seeking incubation services to transform innovative ideas into commercially-viable and profitable ventures. MAP is designed primarily for university students and recent graduates. Ghana Cyber City will develop the infrastructure and provide project and human resource management whilst MIT GSL will contribute technical expertise, including software development and entrepreneurship training.

GCC Business Space

The GCC Business Space will offer an entrepreneur or a company access to intelligent workspace with a coworking option that may be leased for a day, a week or on a monthly basis. The Business Space services are customized to meet the individual needs of entrepreneurs and startup firms. They include:

  • Leased high-tech workspace.
  • Broadband and fixed line service.
  • Mobile Money and mobile banking.
  • Software and hardware management.
  • Printimami Innovation.

 The Business Space is designed for the following:

  • Incubatee graduate companies and entrepreneurs that are yet to establish their own offices.
  • Local/international business travelers requiring a high tech environment to plug in and work.
  • Individual consumers (researchers, consultants, etc) demanding short-term workspace for special projects.

Overview of the Incubation Process

How MAP works.